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Renting a bicycle

You can rent a bicycle via the bicycle’s onboard computer, by using the Nextbike app or calling the hotline +372 7676768. Up to four bicycles can be rented at the same time on a single customer account.

  • Onboard computer: swipe a Sixt rent a bicycle chip card or enter your mobile number and PIN.
  • Via the app or hotline: enter or say the bicycle number and enter the received code in the onboard computer. The lock opens automatically.

Returning a bicycle

Sixt rent a bicycle in Tallinn. How it worksYou can rent and return the bicycle at any official rental station. The list of official stations can be found in our web page or in the Nextbike application.

To do this, just take the lock out from the holder, slide it through the front fork, activate the onboard computer by pressing a key, and confirm the return of the bicycle by pressing OK.

In the system of Sixt bicycle rental you can rent a bicycle from one station and return it to another one 24/7. Sixt bicycle rental works as part of the international bicycle-sharing system Nextbike.

A bicycle is a part of every modern city environment. It allows one to not only get around comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way, but also to get to know the social life, culture and history of a city from another – a cyclist’s point of view.

Go for a leisurely ride and discover the city with Sixt rent a bicycle!

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